Saturday, June 25, 2011

Funky Fingers- Crackle Edition

So the other day, I made my virgin trip to a Five Below, both polishes part of my finds.

First, Two coats of Wet N' Wild Blue Moon. It looks almost black in the bottle, but it is a lovely color once out.
Then, I tried out Funky Fingers new White Crackle. I am not a fan of white crackles as I have seen so far. This is the first one I used and owned. I was thoroughly impressed by the crackling and the quick drying ability.
However, the brush was a little wonky, not sure if it was just the bottle I got, or the design, the brush was curled. UPDATE: I checked my bottle of Funky Fingers gray crackle I also bought and the brush is normal, so the wonkiness is limited to this bottle.
Any comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty :)
    These are actually decent crackles. :( Your camera is blurry though.
    My crackles (from 2012) are horrible. I bought them more for the price. Don't try them!